rhythmic dance 42x96_5in.jpg

the idea behind rhythmic dance is like that of many of my works - or rather all my recent work. it is the gestural communication between the mind and body - whether there be a music or instrumental influence or not. I enjoy listening to music while I work because it helps me get into this mindset where I am one with the work and there isn’t anything to distract me. in ways, music can be a complement to my work. we listen to music because we have some association to it - either through the beat, the lyrics, etc. the music I listen to is streamed through pandora and spotify. I like pandora because I don’t know exactly which song will be played next; there is some idea as to the type of song, but with pandora, it can be quite unpredictable as well. If you’re so interested, I listen to alternative rock, classic rock, soul, r&b, rap, pop, punk rock, punk pop (?). basically if you went into pandora and played the radio under the topic of any one of these artists: beyonce, Ariana grande, Hayley kiyoko, Alicia keys, Aretha franklin, sam cooke, nirvana, lauryn hill, lizzo, sia, paramore, muna, pvris, 60s 70s and 80s hits, etc. hopefully this gives you an idea of what im working with. now, as I said in my statement on I found a love, the concept of music does not have to be read in what I do. it’s not something that im deeply invested in. it’s just something that I use to help bring out that creativity. music to my work is similar to going to an art museum or an art gallery or anywhere art-related and viewing art that I feel connected to. it’s just another component to the work. now, I will say that I don’t listen to music every time I work on a piece. and I also will say that I know it seems that music is something that is important to my work but I would disagree. it is more part of the process but not something I feel the viewer needs to read into. im not going to supply headphones with a set playlist for you to listen to as you view my work. while that sounds quite interesting to do, it’s something im not interested in doing. if there is anything you should get out of my work - anything at all in relation to myself - I will say that the work I produce feels like a vomiting of suppressed emotions, feelings, and thoughts. it can also be added that my work is a visual representation of how my mind works. how my mind is not something that is linear and can focus on one single aspect but rather is inspired by every little thing and therefore is in a constant tug-o-war on what style represents me or what style I wish to represent.