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albert oehlen is an artist i do not follow actively but i am familiar with the style of his work. i had a professor tell me that i should see a show of his because it reminded her of my particular style. i can definitely see where she sees this. this work was produced without seeing the show. obviously after she mentioned his name, his work was in my mind: the different size brushstrokes, the colors, the forms, etc. i feel that the work i produce is inspired from my observations (of anything and everything) and my inner self (aka the mind and body). i believe deep down my work is more psychological and emotional than i credit it. i am interested in learning more about the psychology of art, especially abstract art. i am also interested in my own behaviors and my mind and how and why i do the things i do. until i can definitively answer these questions or have some form of an answer to these questions, there is nothing more i can say about this work. the best thing i could advise would for me to video record me working because that way you can visually observe the way i work. watching an artist work, especially an artist who creates expressive works, can be quite beneficial to understanding both the artist and the artwork. honestly, i would advise every artist to video record themselves working. it can be useful to understanding how one works and how one thinks in that particular moment.