i found a love 42x142in.jpg

I found a love was created through the communication of the mind and body as a rhythm and motion - often in response to the beat of the music I was listening to at the time. it is not important for the viewer to read music in this piece, but it helps with contextualizing some of the mark makings and gestures. the colors of this piece stemmed from a want to remain simple and natural. at the beginning I wanted to produce something only in black and white - removing color altogether and challenging myself to create interesting and compelling compositions. after some discussion with fellow artists, professors, and, well, myself - I decided that if I were to add color to my compositions it should be in the most natural way. I didn’t want to include color that would be eye-popping and vibrant - nothing that would distract from the composition of the piece. now with that being said, there is nothing significant to read in this piece. well, for me, there is not. for you it may be different and I respect that. I draw inspiration from abstract expressionists, such as lee Krasner, joan Mitchell, and you can add Jackson pollock and willem de kooning as well. I also draw from jean-michel Basquiat in terms of this drawing aspect to my work. you’ll notice at the top left of this piece there is a series of eyeballs. here, is probably the only symbolic aspect of my work. the eyeballs or the eyes - however you perceive it - symbolize paranoia. it is the paranoia of myself, as both artist and person, and the work, itself. this idea that people are constantly looking at you and judging you is something very personal to me, and if it fits the work, then it will be present in some way, shape, or form.