honor your predecessors but dont look back 30x44in.jpg

honor your predecessors but don’t look back is essentially an ode to those who inspire me but a want to break away from them. among many artists, I find inspiration in lee Krasner, cy Twombly, and jean-michel Basquiat. these three artists each have their own style of art making, yet one thing that relates each of them is the aspect of expressionism. each one of these artists has some aspect of expressionism depicted in their work. lee Krasner with her swooping curves and her painted surfaces; cy Twombly with his scribbles and writings, and jean-michel Basquiat with his combination of scribbles, writings, depicted figures, etc. looking at the works by these artists, it is impossible not to say they had zero impact on my current practice. what differentiates each of us is the process in which we produce our art and the significance or meaning of our art. I can’t say with confidence what each artist viewed as the significance to their work, but I will say that they each have their own definition - none of which relate to the significance of my work. so this work is an homage to those artists, but it is also an acknowledgment of my want to create this divergence between my work and theirs. In my eyes, the artists that we remember, that we acknowledge are those who create a revolutionary style of art making, and to me, I felt that was something I had to do in order for me to become recognized on the highest level. what I did not realize was that these things are something you just sit down at a desk and immediately create. it’s something that you build and build and build. it’s something that you must create through patience and experimentation and practice - rather than, say, impatience and being ridiculous. i also found that it’s not necessary. it’s not necessary to create a new revolutionary style in order to feel like that will get you the highest recognition possible as an artist. the impact you make is solely through the work you make and the impact you have on others. it doesn’t matter if you are seen as a founder, creator, or what have you. so, in the end, this work was my way of acknowledging my inspirations, saying thank you, and moving on - not from my artistic style, but from this idea of imitation and emulating the concepts of these artists and bringing them to the present.