a b o u t

dalya bain (american, b. 1996) is a painter from calvert county, md. bain has shown at exhibitions within the state of maryland and the district of columbia and was recently published in collision literary magazine. bain received her ba in studio art (specialization in painting) and art history from the university of maryland college park in 2018.

s t a t e m e n t

the body is an intimate and vulnerable form. it contorts itself for pleasure and shields itself from judgment. when portrayed, the body is idealized and placed for full display. as women, our bodies are on constant watch and are often controlled by outsiders. as someone who struggles with her self-image, i understand the importance of seeing oneself in various media. i take the contours of women's bodies and place them in moments of tenderness and intimacy. i want the curvature of the female figure to be admired and embraced. her body should be a statement of her identity and should establish her presence in society.

my attraction to the female body is both personal and homoerotic. it is personal in the sense of my insecurity with my own body. there is a need for me to normalize my body type and the body types like mine because they are often described as being abnormal and rather unattractive. i feel the need to visually portray these body types because they represent the majority of women’s bodies in society, yet they are persecuted and under constant attack. my attraction to women and their curvaceous figures contribute to the homoerotic nature of my work. i am also attracted to the ways in which we - as women - situate ourselves in private and public moments; how we adjust ourselves in order to survive each day despite the constant pressures of an idealized society.

i do not depict the figures realistically because i believe the body is a complex form. to realistically portray the body is to do a disservice to the individuality and uniqueness of our body types. by depicting the forms in an abstract and expressive nature, the forms become a true representation of the figure and expands beyond what is seen with the naked eye.