how can i connect with you without being pretentious 2019 40 x 26 in. acrylic on paper

the amount of frustration that is in my mind cannot appreciate this work right now 2019 41 x 29 in. acrylic on paper

what am i doing, where am i going, and how do i get there? 2019 40 x 26 in. acrylic on paper

i’m interested in how the mind and body communicate. I produce my work through the practice of psychic automatism. through the combination of gestures, colors, and words and phrases, I wish to connect with the viewer on a psychological and emotional level.

dalya bain in front of all eyes on you at the vermont studio center, photo by h romero


dalya bain (american, b. huntingtown, md 1996) received her ba in studio art and art history from the university of maryland college park (2018). she was an artist-in-residence at the vermont studio center (2018) and has exhibited at the howard theatre in washington, d.c. (2018); the herman maril gallery at the university of maryland college park (2018); and the maryland art place in baltimore, md (2018).

click here to download dalya bain’s cv


i know you don’t know but can you feel it 2019 60 x 48 in. acrylic on canvas

she said my work was a cliché, what does that mean? 2019 48 x 36 in. acrylic on canvas

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