i’m interested in how the mind and body communicate. I produce my work through the practice of psychic automatism. there is no control in what I do. this allows for a more liberated, truer self to be represented.

as a way to capture what my mind and body are feeling during the process of painting, I have started writing on the back of my paintings. the statements are provided below each work.

potential 2019 44 x 30 in. acrylic on paper

potential Is what this work has and what I have if I continue to study and fail. through failure I shall succeed.


hope or despair 2019 44 x 30 in. acrylic on paper

what can I say about this work and when it was produced, how I felt, what was going on inside me. was it anxiety? or hope? or was it merely a feeling of me wondering if I was any good at all.

the mental stimulation of black ops 4 2019 44 x 30 in. acrylic on paper

I played black ops 4 while painting this work. it remains to be unknown as to why I do such a thing. is it as a break or is it because my mind is heavily stimulated.


is this progress or continued failure 2019 36 x 40 in. acrylic on canvas

I need to produce something of quality. this looks like it belongs in Walmart.

she said my work was a cliché, what does that mean 2019 48 x 36 in. acrylic on canvas

instead of writing on the back, I scribbled my moments within the work. this is something I am experimenting with and hope to continue in future works


i know you don’t know but can you feel it 2019 60 x 48 in. acrylic on canvas


dalya bain in front of all eyes on you at the vermont studio center in November of 2018 (photo by h romero)


dalya bain (american, b. huntingtown, md 1996) received her ba in studio art and art history from the university of maryland college park (2018). she was an artist-in-residence at the vermont studio center (2018) and has exhibited at the the howard theatre in washington, d.c. (2018); the herman maril gallery at the university of maryland college park (2018); and the maryland art place in baltimore, md (2018).

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